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too-hot-to-handle“Too Hot to Handle (Too Cold to Hold)” by Coke Harris
Materials: oil on repurposed Froot Loops boxes

The seeming placidity of nature — and the tumult underneath that fa├žade — is the primary theme of the artist’s oeuvre, best seen in this example from his “Shasta Years.” (This is a reference not to California’s Shasta Lake but to the soda brand, to which the artist had developed a frightening addiction). The bottom half of the frame depicts a rushing river, surging in a way that is almost sexual, but not quite, because rivers don’t have genitals. The upper half is a bush, or a tree; Harris could never decide, and he died penniless in a flophouse in Santa Cruz. That Shasta soda will fuck you up.

– Spencer Bainbridge, Art Historialogian


life-is-never-still“Life is Never Still” by Dave “Two Shoes” Nelson
Materials: watercolors on paper

With angelic grace but brute strength, the first flower of spring surges skyward to take its place in the bright landscape of mother earth’s great pageant. Its petals, indistinct and glob-like, sit like a giant lollipop head on a spindly green stem. The winter was long and hard but the sun has finally returned to bring its rejuvenating warmth. There is no stopping this flower from its glorious bloom. If this does not move you to tears, you are dead inside and beyond help.

– Spencer Bainbridge, Art Historialogian



serena-in-red“Serena in Red” by Len Johnston
Materials: oil on crushed velvet and dreams

This is a particularly striking selection from Johnston’s series depicting humans in the process of devolution. The creature pictured is half cat, half woman, but has one Minnie Mouse ear — a wry swipe at the over commercialization of anthropomorphic animals in a debased, Disneyfied art landscape. She looks curious, pensive. She hasn’t even touched her kitty grass. Her gaze says, “Come to me. Do not be afraid. Be my lover. I’m a good kitty. Good kitty. Yes.” Johnston also had kind of a thing for hedgehogs.

– Spencer Bainbridge, Art Historialogian



midnight-violet-pumps“Midnight Violet Pumps” by Eye Candie
Materials: leather strap, synthetic sole

a friend got me these for my birthday and they are amazing! Heel is very high but very easy to walk in. The texture is some kind of fur. mine had a some hair pushed out of place but a little water and some hand brushing put back in place no problem. All in all they are true to size and snug. I don’t slide around in these at all. I am a size 7. if you have a wider foot go a half size up. the heel is really set well too, very firm and no wobbling. Great shoe from a great designer. I definitely will be getting more! [4 stars]

– Spencer Bainbridge, Art Historialogian/Top Reviewer

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