SF DocFest

SF DocFest is an annual festival devoted to documentary cinema. Since 2001, this two week-long event has brought the most weird and wonderful aspects of real life to the big screen. “What makes the scrappy San Francisco Documentary Film Festival a treasure to SF Bay Area filmgoers is its willingness to take that extra step […]

SF IndieFest

     The 23rd San Francisco Independent Film Festival takes place Feb 3-21, 2021. This annual festival showcases the best in independent, alternative, and subversive cinema from around the globe.   2020 FESTIVAL SCHEDULE   “A glorious celebration of gutsy independent cinema.” – Fandor “SF IndieFest, as the San Francisco Independent Film Festival has been […]

Another Hole in the Head

SF IndieFest’s ‘Another Hole in the Head’ Film Festival is a two week cinematic excursion into the realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and assorted other genres. Taking its cue from other legendary festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, and Crazy Steve’s Bootleg Basement Extravaganza, Another Hole in the Head pulls together a diverse collection of […]

SF IndieFest Screenplay Competition

For 22 years the San Francisco Independent Film Festival has developed a great reputation for filling theaters, getting press, and throwing great parties. Films at our fest regularly get Variety reviews, picked up at other fests, and find rabid groupies following the makers around town demanding autographs and buying them drinks. Our screenplay contest has […]

AHITH presents Warped Dimension

The MEGACITY INTERPLANETARY FILM FESTIVAL began life 4 years ago as a live-screenings-in-VR film festival called CYBERIA presented by the 23 year old San Francisco IndieFest. Sentient film fans from all over the galaxy attended screenings from the comfort of their living pods via VR platforms like AltSpace and Sansar. Today the festival continues to […]

SF IndieShorts

  The short film — what a perfect genre. Like the perfect snack. Or the very best poem: intensity and imagination distilled down to the most crucial and poignant of words. Short films are the quintessential starting point, and for some filmmakers, the definitive end goal. Not only do we love shorts programs, but our long standing loyal audience in […]

Green Film Festival

The Green Film Festival of San Francisco An Essay or, A Reason For Being THE PAST For adventurous and curious film goers, San Francisco has long been one of the best cities to live in. Seemingly every weekend features one or more film festivals of various genres, nationalities, identities, and issues. The SF Green Film […]

Decibels Film Festival

Decibels Film Festival Decibels Film Festival works to bring the mosh pit, dance party, rap battle and sing-along to your local indie theater and living room by showcasing the diversity of music subcultures found on-screen. Inspired by San Francisco’s musical heritage we look back and forward in bringing unforgettable documentaries, short films and music videos […]