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February 2, 2018 @ 9:15 pm

TICKETS for SEQUENCE BREAK at Roxie Fri Feb 2, 915p HERE

TICKETS for SEQUENCE BREAK at Roxie Wed Feb 7, 915p HERE


Director Graham Skipper – 2017 USA 80 min Northern California Premiere – SciFi Horror 

A loner who restores arcade games finds the monotony of life broken when a gamer girl steps into his shop, the same day a mysterious arcade cabinet shows up. As his romance flourishes, so does his obsession with the game, creating a man/machine carnal contact of the Cronenbergian kind.

The story of boy meets girl, boy ignores girl for arcade game, arcade game has sex with boy, arcade game has sex with girl, boy…. well, I don’t want to ruin it. But seriously, there is some weird shoit that goes down in this film. Chase Williamson (BEYOND THE GATES, JOHN DIES AT THE END) stars as Oz, a loner who excels at rebuilding and restoring ’80s arcade games. The shop that has served as the focal point is about to close and Oz has basically done nothing with his life, and has next to no human interaction. Then Tess (Fabianne Theresa, SOUTHBOUND, JOHN DIES AT THE END) comes into the shop and everything changes. Oh, her and the mysterious game that arrives without any instructions or provenance. Just as Oz and Tess’s romance flourishes, so does his obsession with the cryptic game. As Oz plays, he feels himself drawn more and more into the images flashing across the screen, in an almost sexual way. No, it’s not almost. This is man/machine carnal contact of the Cronenbergian kind.

SEQUENCE BREAK is the kind of film that at its core is a simple story, but its ability to transport you into another plane of existence through the sheer provocativeness of its imagery means the film continues to chill you long after its running time. Armed with an incredible 8-bit meets John Carpenter inspired soundtrack, Skipper’s film makes out like a much darker version of Tron, but instead of trying to get out of ‘gameland,’ the game is seems trying to get a foothold in our world. A ‘sequence break,’ in common usage, involves the player of a video game finding a way to beat the way outside of the developer’s intention, basically taking advantage of a glitch or exploiting an inadvertent hole in the world of the game. In the game, Oz may just have found the sequence break for his own life. (Source: AMFM Magazine – Bears Fonte)

Bears Fonte

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Gabriel de Urioste, USA, 8 min

A young woman goes back to fix a broken relationship with a lost love.








February 2, 2018
9:15 pm
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Roxie Theater
3117 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103