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Program 4: All in the Family

November 10, 2018 @ 3:35 pm

Program 4: All in the Family

The family we’re born into, and the family we make.

Sat Nov 10, 335p, 99 min


Sergio Pinheiro

2017, US, 12:57, Filmmaker Attending

Dealing with grief from the loss of her brother, dark secrets resurface in unexpected ways upon Ginny’s arrival home.


A Life Passed

Roland Greedy

2018, US, 15:40, Local Filmmaker

This short film is about the struggle of a man adapting to his new roles in his family and life, through his handling of a tragedy.







Allison Mattox

2018, US, 12:45

While on tour in New York, a Soviet ballerina learns of her brother’s plan to defect.




Imogen Hopper

2017, Australia, 6:44

A man brutalised as a small child realises he is capable of the same brutality.


Mauka to Makai

Jonah Okano, Alika Maikau

2018, US, 24:00, Filmmaker Attending

Mauka to Makai offers an unfiltered window into a day in the lives of two cousins, who, while traveling from Kāneʻohe to Kailua, grapple with their identity, vices, and the familial bonds that make and break them. 


This is it for Me

Courtney Hope Therond

2018, US, 9:56, Filmmaker Attending

When an agent tells his girlfriend to quit acting, things get… dramatic. This Is It For Me is a cautionary tale about dating within “the industry.” Trigger Warning: If you can relate in any way, it’s gonna sting. Oh also the director got divorced in the 3 weeks it took to cut the footage together.


Wild Bred

Luis Bolland

2018, Canada, 16:28

A man who wants to escape from his life fakes his own death and gets dumped in the woods, where he finds a cabin with a father and a daughter that are obsessed with nature and documentaries about chimpanzees.


November 10, 2018
3:35 pm
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Alamo Drafthouse New Mission
2550 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110