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Program 5: Transitions

November 11, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Program 5: Transitions

Big changes, small shifts, the landscape is never settled.

Sun Nov 11, 7p, 99 min


Craig Stott

2018, Netherlands, 6:17, Filmmaker Attending

On a midnight walk through Amsterdam, a bartender confronts his past when an old flame comes to visit. As they walk through the city after-hours talking work, sobriety and love, they must find a new language to communicate or risk losing each other again.


Going Under

Timothy Orme

2018, US, 5:15

Traveling back through childhood, and forward through watercolor images and personal videoed experiments, going under is a short personal documentary/essay film that wants to die. The film and the artist work towards the place where an understanding of swimming, language, desire, and death all live and fail simultaneously.


Last Chance For A Slow Dance

Tanner Smith

2018, US, 17:37, Filmmaker Attending

Two scenes. One take each. The first scene is the end of a relationship. The second is the beginning.



Salt in Wounds

Alison Adriano

2018, Australia, 9:57

When a reckless Filipino Aussie teenager realises her boyfriend watches only caucasian porn, she must rediscover her sense of belonging in White Australia




Emma Thatcher, Cole Huey

2018, US, 17:44, Filmmaker Attending

Emma and Soomin cross paths at a unique time in their lives. Soomin suddenly learns that she has to return home to South Korea. Emma, eager to make a connection, tries her best to relate to Soomin’s crisis.



Jesse Thurston

2018, US, 15:38

Unfolding over one night in a Brooklyn apartment, Space is an intimate portrait of three friends in orbit around each other, attempting to find balance between the forces that draw them together and those that send them flying off on their own.


The Big Burn

Samantha Silva

2018, US, 19:49, Filmmaker Attending

Caught between the rugged beauty of the Idaho wilderness and the reality of her failing marriage, Helen Turner is counting the days till she can leave it all behind when she’s pulled into the orbit of a young woman whose life is about to change forever.





The Wait

Joanna Kay

2018, US, 6:18, Local Filmmaker

A friend navigates how to be supportive when her better half is facing hard times. Sometimes that means miming blow jobs to make her laugh.


November 11, 2018
6:30 pm
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Alamo Drafthouse New Mission
2550 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110