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S02E07: For Art’s Sake

September 14, 2019 @ 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Shorts 7: For Art’s Sake

Arty/Funny/Maybe A Little Weird

Sat Sept 14, 9p, 75 min




Take Your Time

Max Sachar, Natasha Adorlee Johnson

USA 5 min Local (Dance)

Obstacles can sometimes pull us apart, but they can also create a force that binds us.This is the framework behind ‘Take Your Time,’ a raw and powerful performance art piece. The video explores the concept of time & relationships, by following a duet as they navigate complex obstacles and spaces. Thoughtfully planned camera work and choreography help to lock the viewer into the meditative feel of the song, while also trying to offer a unique sense of time. 


Not So Hilarious Anymore

Adam Karsten

USA 7 min (Comedy)

When Eliza catches Todd watching old Louis CK clips in the middle of the night, the couple reckon with their feelings about a man they once admired and wonder, among other things, in the age of Hannah Gadsby, how a man who was so tuned in before can be so tone deaf now, before ultimately saying goodbye.



Doug Cox, Patrick Lundberg

USA 4 min Local (Comedy)

The loneliness and tribulations associated with a predictable yet inexplicable daily pie in the face.


Into the Flame

Sean McClintock

USA 6 min (Animation)

Life begins to unravel for Floyd — an overworked, unfulfilled businessman — in his wife’s sudden absence. So many questions. So many seemingly strange answers leading him forward. Moths are appearing all around him and no matter what he tries, he can’t halt the visions. In a panic, he flees, running wildly for days. Exhausted, there seems to be no escape for Floyd … but in the end there may be no end at all.



Motomichi Nakamura

USA 5 min (Animation)

It’s a story about a lonely and scared boy locked in his small room. Being inspired by Okami (wolf), he goes on a journey to explore the world outside to find the strength in himself to overcome his fear. An experimental animation with Projection Mapping and 2D animation techniques.


Potion: Dark Matter

Annie Maley

USA 5 min Local (Animation/Music Video)

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau, your premiere space travel agency, offers package tours of our galaxy and beyond. Last season, the crème de la crème went geyser-gazing on Enceladus. So what’s in store for this season? We’re offering the ultimate staycation. Stick around your own solar system with tour packages to Mars, Jupiter, and a sweeping tour of all four outer planets. One lucky winner will receive a free trip so save your spot today!



Fu Yang

USA 3 min Local (Animation)

A man who holds too many secrets goes to confess to a sacred tree. He takes heavy steps, feels burdened and finally reaches his destination.


The Man With A Pillow For A Face

Carlos Grana

USA 13 min (Experimental/Art)

A broken heart who sabotages his relationships finds the courage to break the cycle.



Adam Elder

USA 9 min Local (Comedy)

In the wilds of Oakland, CA, a rare specimen of Komodo Dragon lurks in the shadows, waiting for its ideal prey. Based on true events!


Better Than You Doin You (don’t be mad)

Caroline Liviakis

USA 4 min Local (Dance)

Upon entering an office space, Cee V encounters the zombie-like characters she so fears. Surrounded by a droning band of mediocrity, she lifts her chin, puffs her chest, and ducks her lips to show that she strives to be something better, and yes, it’s better than you–don’t be mad. 


To Fix A Guy (Ta hand om en kille)

Astrid Söderberg

Sweden 10 min (Comedy)

A deft tale about My and Sally that are living the good life until one day the doorbell rings and a dude is standing outside. He seems to be in need of help and they immediately start taking care of him. Before they know it, his presence has taken over their lives and they desperately need to find a way to get rid of him. A feminist comedy about gender and emotional labour.


Virtuous Circle

Farhad Ghaderi

Canada 5 min (Music Video)

Virtuous Circle explores the joys and pains of brotherhood through the volatile relationship between a young boy and his self-destructive older brother.



September 14, 2019
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm


New People Cinema
1746 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115 United States