The CyberiaVR Film Festival is the first conventionally-styled filmfest to be held in a Virtual Reality environment. Powered by SANSAR, CyberiaVR seeks to explore a new frontier in cinema appreciation, reaching across the globe to bring together an audience as diverse as its content.

To date, online festivals presenting conventional 2D films have utilized an unstructured, video-on-demand format, isolating the audience members from one another, except for the aVRCinema2bility to leave text comments about the films. Other festivals, featuring Virtual and Augmented Reality content, have adopted the “Tech Conference” model, holding their events in convention centers; this offers ample opportunity to socialize–but only for those able to attend in person. Conceived by the team behind SF IndieFest, a film festival celebrating 20 years of success in San Francisco–CyberiaVR will gather its audience from around the world to a virtual screening room on the SANSAR platform.

The Cyberia Film Festivals will be unlike anything else that’s come before it. They are traditional film festivals with screenings and live Q&A’s, but hosted on a virtual reality social network at SANSAR. Think Playstation Home, or the Internet in Futurama. Members of SANSAR (joining is free) can log into this virtual world and attend Cyberia at a virtual movie theater, where they can view the films and their trailers on a virtual IMAX-sized screen.

“You won’t need a VR headset to be a part of it, but it will certainly make the experience way cooler. There’s never been anything like this in the film world.” Dave Conte, Filmmaker

May The 4th Be With You

Posted by sfindie April 18, 2017 2151 views

Star Wars Day “May the 4th be with you” 5/4/17 :: 6p-1a 6pm-9p: Star Wars Fan Films. 9p-1am: MAY THE 4th PARTY! The Great Northern, 119 Utah St,  San Francisco Episode VII: The North Awakens….. PARTY!!!! The rebel spaceships striking with a hidden BASS have won their victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle […]

Cyberia VR Short Film Festival: Season 01 Episode 02

Posted by sfindie April 18, 2017 1891 views

SF Indie’s CyberiaVR Spring Exhibition film festival runs May 4th-7th 2017. We will screen 50 short films in four days. For full schedule,Q&A’s and trailers please click HERE. Thursday May 4th 6p-1a Friday      May 5th 6p-1a Saturday  May 6th 5p-1a Sunday    May  7th 11am–2pm The CyberiaVR Film Festival is the first conventionally-styled […]

CyberiaVR: The First Film Festival to take place in Virtual Reality

Posted by sfindie March 7, 2017 1990 views

Feb 10-12, 2017 Lights Camera Action: Cyberia Brings First-Ever In VR Film Festival Like the movie trailer that actually makes you want to see the movie, AltspaceVR’s recent collaboration with Cyberia Film Festival producers arrived last weekend to much anticipation. Announced by VRScout, Carpe Diem! San Francisco, and The VR Shop, the Cyberia Film Festival’s billing as the […]

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