14th Another Hole in the Head Film Festival announced!

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The 14th Annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

Presented by SF IndieFest



Another Hole in the Head (aka “HoleHead”) is a film festival celebrating Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and a broad spectrum of related cinema from the SF Bay Area and across the globe. Bringing our audience the most intriguing genre fare from emerging as well as established filmmakers, we present two weeks of phenomenal film that can’t be found at the cineplex.

Taking place October 25th through November 8th, the festival will screen 28 feature films, and over 85 short subjects at New People Cinema (1746 Post Street, in San Francisco’s Japantown). Many of the filmmakers will be interacting with the audience during moderated Q&A sessions after their shows. Audience Awards based on genre and geographic origin are given out according to viewer ratings, along with Staff Awards for Short and Feature Film. Admission for all shows is $15, with the exception of our Closing Night Show (AKIRA, featuring a live soundtrack), which is $20. Our non-transferrable All Festival Passes are $149.

At 7 pm on Wednesday, October 25th, the festival opens with the first of our 11 short film blocks, “Shapes of Things to Come” – an international collection exploring the themes of time travel and future technologies. Tickets & info. Following at 9 pm, we present our Opening Night Feature, MOHAWK, a historical Action/Thriller film dealing with a conflict between a small band of Native Americans and a group of brutal colonists during the War of 1812. Tickets & info.

Some highlights include:

Tales of Mere Existence – three selections from the popular animated YouTube series created by Levni Yilmaz, a San Francisco-based indie filmmaker, artist, and publisher. The series often recounts personal anecdotes and observations, and discusses Yilmaz’ views on interpersonal relationships, society and human behavior. This film screens on Saturday, October 28th at 5 pm, as part of “Strangers with Eye Candy,” a collection of Art, Experimental, and Animated short films. The filmmaker will be in attendance for an audience Q&A session following the show. Tickets & info.

Dave O’Shea’s Day Job, winner of our 2012 Audience Award for “Best Local Feature” will return for a special 5-year anniversary screening on Sunday, November 5th, at 7 pm. After working in the home of an unhappily married woman, a mysterious blue-collar worker with a dark past becomes obsessed. He & his equally unstable roommate set out to eliminate anything & anyone that would stand in the way of winning her affection. Dread Central described the film as “…equal parts dark, character-driven drama, black comedy, suspenseful murder-mystery, and deeply depraved horror film rolled into one.” Followed by Q&A with the director. Tickets & info. Trailer.

Christopher Coppola’s Art Film Trilogy & G-Men from Hell – Christopher Coppola is a prolific local filmmaker and an alumni of our festival, having presented his feature film Bloodhead during our debut in 2004, and numerous other works over the years. Trilogy is comprised of three art films meant to be screened together in the order they were produced. Made while Coppola attended the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1980’s, his films ask a philosophical question, and were shot in both b&w and color. G-Men From Hell, Coppola’s feature from 2000, concerns two damned FBI agents who escape from Hell and attempt to solve their own murders, while turning over a new leaf. Starring William Forsythe, Tate Donovan, and Gary Busey. This double feature begins at 9 pm on Monday, November 6th ,and will include Q&A with the director. Tickets & info.  G-Men trailer.

2001:A Picasso Odyssey is the brainchild of local artist and Adobe Senior Research Engineer Bhautik Joshi. Joshi uses art-related filters and the Deep Dream neural network to transform video footage into something new and mesmerizing. He will be onhand to discuss his technique, and present clips of 2001:A Space Odyssey as rendered through the cubist art of Picasso, Blade Runner as rendered through Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and archival footage of Donald Trump as rendered through images of everyday objects. This event will take place on Tuesday, November 7th at 7 pm. Tickets & info. Trailer.

The festival has a long tradition of promoting independent short film, and this year is no exception. Interspersed with editions of our “Random Access” series, which features a broad spectrum of eclectic fare, we present curated blocks of films, such as “Nursery Crimes & Other Stories”–a collection of Horror and Fantasy works exploring the theme of childhood (3 pm Sunday, October 29th), and “Hearts of Darkness, Hearts of Light”–contrasting illustrations of true love, and betrayal (3 pm Saturday, October 28th).

This year’s independent features include: Dead Ant, in which a peyote-addled hair band on a comeback tour accidentally summon the forces of destruction, in the form of giant ants (Saturday, October 28th, 7 pm); Thaw of the Dead, a thoughtful, yet gory, zombie-apocalypse thriller (Thursday, November 2nd at 7 pm); and Empire of the Sharks, which pits a young woman with nascent supernatural powers against a warlord in control of an entire army of sharks, in a future where 98% of the Earth is covered by water. (7 pm, Tuesday, November 7th).

In addition to the films in competition, we’ll be presenting a number of cult classics throughout the fest, including 1977’s Blue Sunshine (7 pm on Thursday October 26th), and our special Secret Screening (11 pm on Friday, November 3rd).

On October 31st, we’ll be celebrating the holiday with the first two films in John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise. The original 1978 film screens at 7 pm. Tickets and info. Followed by Halloween II at 9 pm. Tickets and info.

On Wednesday, November 8th, our Closing Night Film will be Katsuhiro Otomo’s Anime classic, AKIRA, with a new electronic score performed live by San Francisco-based musical design duo, The Firmament. The score will feature synthesizers, acid basslines, drum machines and audio samples from the film. Tickets & info.