20 Year Retrospective

Posted by sfindie January 11, 2018 2070 views

Twenty years ago, SF IndieFest was hatched with a goal of presenting new indpendent films by young independent film makers. Things have changed quite a bit since then in San Francisco and in how we all discover new artists. IndieFest, though now with more films and more screenings then back then, is pretty much still doing the same thing. We are all about discovering your new favorite filmmaker and championing alternative and independent film making.

This year we look back at our 20 year history with a retrospective film series consisting of one film chosen to represent each year of our past Tickets to these special screenings are only $10, and you can get a PASS to see them all for $100.

Please join us!


1999 – The Sore Losers
2000 – Existo: The Forbidden Movie
2001 – Passing Stones
2002 – Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth
2003 – Bubba Ho Tep
2004 – Funny Ha Ha
2005 – Raider of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation
2006 – Jimmy and Judy
2007 – Viva
2008 –The Road to Nod
2009 – Ex-Drummer
2010 – Harmony and Me
2011 – Kaboom
2012 – Girl Walk All Day
2013 – Berberian Sound System
2014 – Blue Ruin
2015 – I Am A Knife With Legs
2016 – Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red In It
2017 – Kill Me Please