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19th SF Documentary Festival update

Posted by sfindie April 5, 2020 390 views

If this were a normal year, right now (April 16) we’d be finalizing our program and inviting films for inclusion in the film festival in advance of our scheduled early May press conference. As things stand now we can’t do that because we don’t know when our festival will take place, how many days it […]

DocFest 2019 Award Winners

Posted by sfindie June 17, 2019 1442 views

Congratulations to the 2019 San Francisco Documentary Festival Award Winners: Audience Award for Best Feature: WE ARE NOT PRINCESSES Audience Award for Best Short: SOAR, TORIAN, SOAR Jury Prize for Best Feature: BELLINGCAT: Truth in a Post-truth World Jury Prize for Best Short: MOMENT TO MOMENT Spirit of Activism Award, Feature: BREAKING THEIR SILENCE: Women […]

18th SF DocFest Press Coverage (so far)

Posted by sfindie June 1, 2019 1204 views

Broke-Ass Stuart (Online) Festival Overview Peter Wong Mentioned: Building the American Dream, Factory of Lies, Funke, Barstow CA, Pick It Up!, The Artist and the Pervert, Bending Lines, Bill Traylor, Circles, Dons of Disco, Framing John Delorean, In Bright Axiom, I Want My MTV, JR “Bob” Dobbs, Pariah Dog, Recorder, Red Dog, Spider Mites […]

More filmmakers to meet week two of DocFest

Posted by sfindie May 29, 2019 719 views

Filmmakers in attendance week one of SF DocFest

Posted by sfindie May 11, 2019 701 views