DocFest Press Coverage

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San Francisco Chronicle 

San Francisco Examiner 

  • “Good Day May 29-30, 2019,” Staff, May 29 (Festival Highlight) 
  • “Good Day June 6-8, 2019,” Staff, June 6 (Festival Highlight) 
  • “Good Day June 12-13, 2019,” Staff, June 13 (Festival Highlight)


SF Weekly 

  • “18th SF DocFest, Week One,” Sherilyn Connelly, May 29 (Festival Preview) 
  • “18th SF DocFest, Week Two,” Sherilyn Connelly, June 6 (Festival Preview) / 

Bay Area Reporter 

  • “What’s Up, DocFest?” David Lamble, May 21 (Film Capsule Reviews) 

Post Newsgroup 

  • Review of SOAR TORIAN SOAR by Wanda Sabir submitted to Post Newsgroup on June 5 


SF Arts 

  • “Snapshots of Three May Film Fests,” Sura Wood, April 18 (Festival Overview) lm-fests 

The New Filmore 

  • “24 years on retreat,” Jessica Bernstein-Wax, June 1 (Feature) 

Potrero View 

  • Festival mention in “Community Calendar” 


CBS Bay Area Focus 

  • “Filmmaker Adam Dubin Explores Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene in ‘Murder in The Front Row,’” Michelle Griego, June 12 (Festival Mention) plores-bay-area-trash-metal-scene-in-murder-in-the-front-row/ 


Movie Magazine International 

  • “Latest Reviews and Interviews,” Jonathan Wind, May 29 (Festival Preview and Film Reviews) 

KALW- Your Call 

  • “One Planet: What’s being done to save the bees?” Rose Aguilar and Malihe Razazan, June 3 (Interview with Peter Nelson of THE POLLINATORS) am/0 
  • “‘Our Bodies, Our Doctors’ tells the stories of abortion providers on the front lines,” Rose Aguilar and Laura Wenus, June 4 (Interview with Janice Haaken of OUR BODIES OUR DOCTORS) -providers-front-lines#stream/0 

KCBS ● “DocFest in San Francisco this Month,” Scott Letieri, May 1 

(Festival overview and interview with festival director Jeff Ross) month 

KWMR Arts Desire 

  • “San Francisco Documentary Film Festival,” Julie Motz, June 6 (Festival Overview) 

KALX 90.7 Film Close-Ups 

  • “Interview with Peter Menchini and Audrey Candy Corn,” Sonia Mistry, June 1 (Live interview with SOAR TORIAN SOAR directors Peter Menchini and Audrey Candy Corn) 
  • “Interview with Spencer McCall,” Sonia Mistry, June 8 

(Live interview with IN BRIGHT AXIOM director Spencer McCall) 

Wanda’s Pick’s 

  • “Chris Metzler of SF DOCFEST,” Wanda Sabir, May 24 (Interview by Wanda Sabir with Chris Metzler (SF DOCFEST) radio-show 
  • “Cassidy Friedman and Eric Butler of CIRCLES,” Wanda Sabir, May 29 (Interview with director Cassidy Friedman and star/subject Eric Butler (CIRCLES) radio-show 
  • “Peter Menchini and Audrey Candy Corn of SOAR, TORIAN, SOAR; and Janice Haaken of OUR BODIES OUR DOCTORS,” Wanda Sabir, May 30 (Interviews with Peter Menchini and Audrey Candy Corn (SOAR, TORIAN, SOAR) and Janice Haaken (OUR BODIES OUR DOCTORS) 
  • “Will Agee of IN THE LAND OF HIGH MOUNTAINS,” Wanda Sabir, June 7 Interview with Will Agee (IN THE LAND OF HIGH MOUNTAINS) radio-show 
  • “Bridgette Auger of WE ARE NOT PRINCESSES,” Wanda Sabir, June 7 (Interview with Bridgette Auger (WE ARE NOT PRINCESSES) radio-show 


The Gal Post 

  • “A resident of the USA collected the world’s largest archive of television programs,” Lilly Nice, June 10 (Festival Mention) chive-of-television-programs/11870/ 


  • “Bay Area Thrash Metal Documentary Murder in the Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story Set for public premiere,” Larry Petro, May 9 (Festival Mention) 

48 Hills 

  • “I want my SF DocFest: Our critic’s top picks,” Dennis Harvey, May 24 (Festival Overview) 
  • “Screen Grabs: Last Black Man in San Francisco, Mexico’s Golden Age…” Dennis Harvey, June 3 (Festival Mention) o/ 


  • “CBS SF Talks to ‘Murder In The Front Row’ Doc Director Adam Dubin,” Dave Pehling, April 18 (Festival Mention) -documentary-murder-in-the-front-row-interview-thrash-metal/ 

Broke-Ass Stuart 

  • “Quirky and interesting arthouse films coming to the Bay Area..including cat videos,” Peter Wong, May 13 (Festival Preview) s-coming-to-the-bay-area-including-cat-videos/ 
  • “The SF Documentary Festival is Here And It Looks Fantastic,” Peter Wong, May 24 (Festival Preview) ere-and-it-looks-fantastic/ 
  • “Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Update,” Staff, May 30 (Festival Highlight) m_source=Broke-Ass+Stuart%27s+List&utm_campaign=c1cf18a250-EM AIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_05_29_05_44&utm_medium=email&utm_term =0_69268eb282-c1cf18a250-52808085&goal=0_69268eb282-c1cf18a25 0-52808085&mc_cid=c1cf18a250&mc_eid=5a42374dee 

Beyond Chron 

  • “18th S.F. DocFest Preview,” Peter Wong, May 7 (Festival Preview) 
  • “‘Red Dog’ And Other Reviews From The 18th San Francisco Documentary Film Festival”, Peter Wong, May 19 (Film Reviews) ancisco-documentary-film-festival/ 
  • “Wrap-Up Reviews From DocFest 2019,” Peter Wong, June 10 (Festival Wrap-Up) 

Do The Bay (Promotional Partner) 

  • “18th Annual SF Documentary Film Festival,” Staff, May 10 (Festival Listing) kets?utm_source=DoTheBay&utm_campaign=ff1ccd1521-EMAIL_CAMP AIGN_2019_05_10_05_30&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_884113 f79f-ff1ccd1521-127666877 

KQED Arts 

  • “Hot Summer Guide 2019: Bay Area Movies and Film Festivals to Beat the Blockbusters,” Sarah Hotchkiss, May 24 (Feature: Festival listed in summer movie events) movies-and-film-festivals-to-beat-the-blockbusters 
  • “Now Playing! Profiles in Near-Religious Obsession at DocFest,” Michael Fox, May 28 (Festival Preview) ous-obsession-at-docfest 
  • “When Queer Nation ‘Bashed Back’ Against Homophobia with Street Patrols and Glitter,” Caitlin Donahue, June 3 (Festival Mention) 
  • “An Idiosyncratic ‘Recorder’ of Television Sheds Light on How the News Shapes History,” Sarah Hotchkiss, June 7 (Festival Mention) ion-sheds-light-on-how-the-news-shapes-history 

Killer Movie Reviews 

  • “IN BRIGHT AXIOM – Spencer McCall Interview,” Andrea Chase, June 8 (Interview with Spencer McCall(IN BRIGHT AXIOM) 7X7 ● “25 Fun Things: Memorial Day BBQs, Bi-Rite Creamery Re-Opens + More 

Bay Area Events,” Sarah Chorey, May 26 (Festival Listing) https://www.7× em=1#rebelltitem1 


  • “What’s Screening May 24-30,” Lincoln Spector, May 24 (Festival Mention) 
  • “What’s Screening May 31- June 6,” Lincoln Spector, May 31 (Festival Mention) 

Interchange (Wanda Sabir’s blog) post news group 

  • “A Review of SOAR TORIAN SOAR by Wanda Sabir,” Wanda Sabir, June 5 (Film Review of SOAR TORIAN SOAR) by-wanda.html 

The Kamla Show 

  • “San Francisco Documentary Film Festival,” Kamla Bhatt, May 31 (Festival Preview) tival-may-29-june-13-2019/ 



  • “Win 2 Free Tickets,” Staff, May 26 (Promotional email spotlighting SPEARS FROM ALL SIDES, A GROWING THING, and CANDICE) 

  • “DocFest, The 18th Annual SF Documentary Film Festival,” Staff, May 31 (Promotional Email) 
  • “Watch the video of our big housing + density talk,” Staff, June 11 (Promotional email with CANDICE photo) 


  • Co-sponsor of opening night and entire festival, email sent out May 24 

SF Travel 

  • “Things to Do in San Francisco This June,” Staff, May 30 (Festival Highlight) 




  • “SF Weekend: Documentary film festival, free Italian food fair, Union Street Festival, more,” Mike Pinzuti, May 31 (Festival Preview) e-italian-food-fair-union-street-festival-more 

Green Film Festival 

  • “9th Annual Green Film Festival: September 24-29, in alignment with UN climate action summit,” Staff, June 5 (Festival Highlight) 

Marin Spaces 

  • “5 Best Things to do this week,” Kasia Pawlowska, June 3 (Festival Highlight) 0/