Green Film Fest of San Francisco Announced

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Green Film Festival of San Francisco
presented by SF IndieFest
October 12-22, 2023
Presented at the Roxie Theater and virtually at

San Francisco IndieFest is thrilled to announce that the 2023 Green Film Festival will take place October 12-22, with 50+ independent feature and short length films from around the world that focus on green and environmental issues in both fun and revealing ways.

The Green Film Festival of San Francisco is interested in exploring all aspects of “environmental film” whether they be compelling documentaries, adventure films or narrative fiction films and midnight movies with environmental themes. Films have been curated into themed sections which pair projects with complimentary subject matter to create a cinematic journey for our audiences.Through this experience the festival hopes audiences can begin to engage with sustainable solutions to the problems facing the planet.

Most films stream on demand Oct. 12-22 and select films will play live at Roxie Theater Oct. 13-19.


Stay at Conder Beach

Directed by Aaron Khandros

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 13, 615pm

In this narrative fiction mystery Conder Beach is a crumbling tourist town on the Gulf Coast, reliant on seasonal commerce and oil rigging. After a string of unaccountable deaths, Jordan begins to seek truth in a community based in sexual and corporate exploitation, class inequality, and impending ecological disaster.


Finding the Money

Directed by Maren Poitras (Local filmmaker – Richmond, CA)

Produced Marc Smolowitz (Local filmmaker – Mission District)

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 19, 615pm

Can a new economic theory revolutionize our ability to tackle the climate crisis?



Directed by Giovanni Pellegrini, Italy

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 15, 415pm

In this impressionistic documentary, a voice from a distant future tells of a vanished city that was once among the most famous in the world, Venice.


Soylent Green 50th Anniversary

Directed by Richard Fleischer, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 13, 845pm

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the prescient science fiction classic from 1973 that predicts a world ravaged by climate change and hunger. It is a nightmarish futuristic fantasy about the controlling power of big corporations and an innocent cop (Charlton Heston) who stumbles upon the truth.


ACID Canal

Directed by Tyler Faires (Local filmmaker – Redding, CA)

Plays at Oct 12-22

When a rural irrigation district in Northern California has its water cutoff during a historic drought, the community must join together to face the devastating impacts to their way of life and the environment around them.

Between the Rains

Directed by Andrew Harrison Brown, Moses Thuranira, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 16, 615pm

As a prolonged drought intensifies the conflict between two pastoral communities, an orphaned shepherd boy searches for a new path forward while his village reckons with an eroding way of life due to a changing climate.

Call Me Mule
Directed by John McDonald, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 14, 12pm

A man traveling with three mules fights to maintain his nomadic lifestyle in the American West.

Cowboy Poets

Directed by Mike Day, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 15, 2pm

The unlikely combination of cowboys and poetry has been celebrated at the American National Cowboy Poetry Gathering since 1985. Through the written word, cowboys of the American West contend with their unique way of life, wrangling with their identity, environmental threats, and change. This documentary offers an intimate look at the lives of these modern day cowboys.


Directed by Jennifer Gibson, USA

Plays at Oct 12-22

Break through the surface to explore the living, breathing ecosystem beneath our feet. “Dirt” — a new documentary about saving our soil — delves into how Arkansas farmers, ranchers and more are improving their operations by helping the environment.

Dormouse Detectives

Directed by Rosie Koch, Roland Gockel, Germany

Plays at Oct 12-22

Garden dormice are supposed to be at home all over Europe. But recently they have started to go missing. A disappearance so mysterious, that researchers and conservationists have hurried to form a special task force of unprecedented size and scope.

Down River Jordan

Directed by Addie Navarro, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 14, 430pm

DOWN RIVER JORDAN is a documentary about hope in the face of environmental destruction, one river’s potential to inspire cooperation, and the source of life that unites us all: water.

The Island In Me (Local filmmakers – San Francisco, East Bay & Marin))

Directed by Gemma Cubero del Barrio, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 14, 215pm

THE ISLAND IN ME is an award-winning feature that takes the viewer to the remote atoll of Pukapuka in the Cook Islands, a unique place never before captured in film.


Directed by Anuradha Rana, Laurie Little, USA

Plays at Oct 12-22

Musher peels back the veil behind the bond that four women have between their dogs and the world of sled-dog racing.

Out There: A National Parks Story

Directed by Brendan Hall, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 18, 615pm

A young filmmaker sets out on a 10,000-mile exploration of the national parks with his childhood best friend during the centennial year of the formation of the National Park Service.

A Rhino’s Life

Directed by Rosie Koch, Roland Gockel, Germany

Plays at Oct 12-22

Droughts, predators, mating acrobatics – a rhino’s life is as full of surprises as it is rich with deep social bonds from the start. 

RIDE: A Brutal Fairytale

Directed by Serge Ou, Australia

Plays at Oct 12-22

RIDE is the adrenaline fuelled, tragedy laced, inspiring journey of two of the world’s premiere BMX riders.

The Road to Patagonia

Directed by Matty Hannon, Australia

Plays at Oct 12-22

The lives of two strangers are changed forever when they cross paths on the surfing adventure of a lifetime, discovering love, downshifting and four charismatic horses.

A Thousand Pines (Local filmmaker – Berkeley)

Directed by Sebastian Diaz, Noam Osband, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 15, 630pm

Raymundo Morales runs a crew of 12 Oaxacan tree planters traveling the United States in this intimate portrait about the hidden world of guest workers regrowing America’s forests.

We Are Tenacious

Directed by Ash Kreis, USA

Plays Roxie Theater Oct 17, 615pm

WE ARE TENACIOUS is a classic American story of perseverance, as transgender Alpaca rancher Penny Logue and her dedicated family of Queer ranchers battle fierce weather, impossible finances, far-right militia, and their own inner struggles as they pursue true liberation.

X Trillion

Directed by Eleanor Church, United Kingdom

Plays at Oct 12-22

X Trillion follows the journey of 14 women as they sail a gruelling 3000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean to one of the most remote places on Earth, but also the location of the densest accumulation of ocean plastic – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.​


Conceiving our Future (Local filmmaker – Palo Alto)

A Field Guide To Coastal Fortifications (Local filmmaker – Oakland)

Florence Fang Community Farm (Local subject – Bayview)

Healy (Local filmmaker – Mission District)

Oil Washed (Local filmmaker – San Francisco)

Preserving Our Place (Local filmmakers – Mission District)

Restoring the Spirit of Place (Local filmmakers – Mission District)

Sending (Local subject – Mission District)

The Wintering Grounds (Local filmmaker – San Francisco)

Information on these and the other 30+ short films playing in the festival can be found at

Tickets and passes on sale September 15. The festival is produced by Jeff Ross, Chris Metzler and Jason Wolos. For more information and tickets, visit or call 415-662-3378. 

Streaming tickets are $10, Roxie tickets are $15-17. Festival passes are $75-125.

Select films play at the Roxie Theater October 13-19. Most films will also stream between October 12-22 at