Livable Planet press coverage

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San Francisco Chronicle

Mentions: Slaxx, The Conscience of Clothing, Red Heaven, The Crab Season, The Toxie Pigs of Fukushima

48 Hills

Mentions: Landfall, Red Heaven, Entangled, The Long Coast, Sockeye Salmon: Red Fish, Baato, River Tales, Operation Wolf Patrol, Our Mother’s Land, The Burning Field, Climbing Blind, The Conscience of Clothing, Slaxx, Tule Elk: The Killing of a Native Species

Bay News Matters

(San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times)

Mentions: Landfall, Slaxx, Entangled, Red Heaven, The Crab Season, Eye of the Storm, What Should I Put In My Coffee?, Where Buffalo Roam, Tule Elk: The Killing of a Native Species, Moss Man

San Francisco Chronicle

Festival Announce

Bay Area Reporter

Mentions: Alone Out Here, Dear Mother Nature, Transending, Overland


Beyond Chron

Mentions: The Art of Pollution, Slaxx, Dear Mother Nature, Landfall

Broke Ass Stuart

Mentions: Landfall, Once You Know, a la fin, The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima, Stolen Fish, Sarna, River of Raptors, Chasing Ghosts, The Fourfold, Entangled, District 15, The Burning Field, The Conscience of Clothing, Slaxx, Dear Mother Nature, The Art Of Pollution, Arctic Summer, Into the Dark, Red Heaven



Mentions: Landfall, The Crab Season


Pushed Up The Mountain:


Moss Man:

Engage Earth:

Operation Wolf Patrol:

Eye of the Storm:

What Should I Put In My Coffee:


Stolen Fish:



Festival Announce

SF Arts Monthly

(inserted in the local Sunday New York Times)

Festival Announce


Wanda’s Picks

Curator Chris Metzler interview

Do The Bay

Mentions: Landfall, Red Heaven