SF DocFest 2020 Press Coverage

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“Screen Grabs: Docfest explodes online with pop-punk, word nerds, Pac-Man, more” by Dennis Harvey https://48hills.org/2020/08/screen-grabs-docfest-explodes-online-with-pop-punk-word-nerds-pac-man-more/ – “What’s up, docs? Plenty at the SF DocFest” by Randy Myers https://localnewsmatters.org/2020/08/31/whats-up-docs-plenty-at-the-sf-docfest/ – “SF DOCFEST 2020 PREVIEW” by Peter Wong https://brokeassstuart.com/2020/08/31/sf-docfest-2020-preview/ – “24 Fun Things to Do This Week (8.31.20)” https://www.7×7.com/24-fun-things-bay-area-8-31-20-2647069288.html – “Non-fiction at home as DocFest goes virtual” […]

IndieFest 2020 Press Coverage

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48 Hills (Online) Festival Preview Dennis Harvey https://48hills.org/2020/01/sf-indiefest-roxie-victoria/ – San Francisco Chronicle (Print Daily) Festival Preview David Lewis https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/sf-indiefest-looks-at-a-star-trek-icon-and-a-man-making-bigfoot – San Francisco Chronicle (Print Daily) Festival Mention Pam Grady https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/jonathan-kiefer-wanted-to-make-a-mumblecore-film-he-ended-up-in-a-french-chateau – Cinema Escapist Review: The Wild Goose Lake Brenda Chang https://www.cinemaescapist.com/2020/01/review-wild-goose-lake-china-movie/ – KQED Arts (Online) Festival Preview with Film Capsules Michael Fox https://www.kqed.org/arts/13873982/now-playing-sf-indiefest-takes-a-spin-around-the-new-movie-universe – 7×7 […]

2019 SF DocFest Press Coverage

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Dailies  San Francisco Chronicle  “At SF’s Annual DocFest, global problems become local,” Allen Johnson, May 28 (Online) May 31 (In Print) (Festival Preview) https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/at-sfs-annual-docfest-global- problems-become-local  “SF DocFest,” Staff, May 1 (Festival Listing) https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/event/festivals/sf-docfest  “More than a car: John DeLorean’s story finally gets the Hollywood treatment,” Ruthe Stein, June 12 (Festival Mention) https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/more-than-a-car-john-delor eans-story-finally-gets-the-hollywood-treatment  San Francisco […]

18th SF DocFest Press Coverage

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Broke-Ass Stuart (Online) Festival Overview Peter Wong https://brokeassstuart.com/2019/05/24/the-sf-documentary-festival-is-here-and-it-looks-fantastic/ Mentioned: Building the American Dream, Factory of Lies, Funke, Barstow CA, Pick It Up!, The Artist and the Pervert, Bending Lines, Bill Traylor, Circles, Dons of Disco, Framing John Delorean, In Bright Axiom, I Want My MTV, JR “Bob” Dobbs, Pariah Dog, Recorder, Red Dog, Spider Mites […]

2019 SF IndieFest Press Coverage

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2019 IndieFest Press Coverage Posted by sfindie February 27, 2019 1 views BAY FLICKS Little Woods, The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, Seven Stages To Achieve Eternal Bliss By Passing Through The Gateway Chosen By The Holy Storsh, Mermaids and Manatees, Centerline, Fantasia, Super Bowl: Men in Tights, Big Lebowski Shadow Cast […]

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