SF IndieFest Award Winners Announced

Posted by sfindie March 2, 2021 1765 views

Awards for this year’s festival have now been tabulated and they are…

Audience Award for Best Feature Drama: THIS IS NOT A WAR STORY

Audience Award for Best Feature Comedy: JULIET MUST DIE

Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary: A LIFE’S WORK

Audience Award for Best Short Drama: IF WE SMARTEN UP

Audience Award for Best Short Comedy: MY DINNER WITH WERNER

Audience Award for Best Short Documentary: NO PAIN

Audience Award for Best Animated Short: THE EPHEMERAL ORPHANAGE

Audience Award for Best Midnight Movie: KEEPING COMPANY

Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature: FULLY REALIZED HUMANS

Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature: MORGANA

Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short: CAYENNE

Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short: ARK OF THE APOCALYPSE

Jury Prize for Best Animated Short: THE PARROT LADY

Screenplay Competition Best Feature Script: GUTS, Isabelle Barbier

Screenplay Competition Best Short Script: HELLO, I MUST BE GOING, Sara Hallowell

Non-Fiction Vanguard Award: Rodrigo Reyes



One benefit of the virtual format is that industry representatives and programmers for other festivals can more easily check out a film that peaks their interest.  These following distributors and festivals requested and received passes to this year’s festival:

Chicago Critics Film Festival, cineSOURCE, California Film Institute, Mill Valley Film Festival, Other Worlds, Roxie Releasing, Alexander Valley Film Society, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, North East International Film Festival, CineKink, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Port Townsend Film Festival, Reel Plan, Nantucket Film Festival, Portland EcoFilm Festival, Princ Films, Salute Your Shorts Film Festival, Satisfied Eye International Film Festival, Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, Vegan Film Festival, Food Film Music, ILLUMINATE Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival, Bridgeport Film Fest, Aladerri International Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, Frameline, Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival, Barnes Film Festival, Skyline Indie Film Fest, Dallas VideoFest