SF IndieFest + Noise Pop & Fantastic and Far Out Flicks Sidebar!

Posted by sfindie January 26, 2016 3130 views

skulls_photo-credit-kerry-colonnaMUSIC IN FILM SPOTLIGHT AT SF INDIEFEST

If you don’t already know, we at SF IndieFest LOVE music.  And the fun folks over at Noise Pop LOVE film.  As irreverent twins in the Bay Area arts and culture scene, this year we have decided to meet at the intersection of our goings on and present a spotlight of MUSIC IN FILM during the second weekend of the film festival.  We take all comers, whether it be a remake of PURPLE RAIN in the Saharan Desert, Hip-Hop history lessons, a story of an eccentric Metal musician or punk rock mosh pits.  If you are musically inclined, like to dance in your seat, shout at the screen, or just like plain old weird stories, we have something for you as we turn it up to 11!



What is a Fantastic Film? For most people, it is a flick that delves into the land of fantasy, either our dreams or our nightmares, and gives it visual life on screen. But these are also films for the fan. These flicks aren’t lifeless Hollywood four-quadrant affairs checking off boxes as they plod through cliché scenes audience-tested for maximum acceptance. No, a fantastic film wants to shock, surprise and disturb you, often handing over the keys to bold, new artists and letting them drive wild through our imagination. This year we race you down dark alleys (Meathead Goes Hog Wild, Lady Psycho Killer), past windows to secret worlds (Haruko’s Paranormal Laboratory, Polder), in search of indecent affairs (Bunny the Killer Thing, Late Night Double Feature) with a lunatic as a tour guide DVD (Director’s Commentary: The Terror of Frankenstein). These are fresh voices, unapologetically crafting journeys to other worlds from which the fan may return, but never the same. And we are honored to introduce San Francisco to a visionary director, fantastic in both meanings of the word, Isaac Ezban, whose first two features (El Incidente and Los Parecidos) make their Northern California premiere at this festival.