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Kate Bornstein Is a Queer and Pleasant Danger
Directed by Sam Feder

2013 USA / Canada 70 min
Roxie Screening Sat June 14, 1230p

With books like Gender Outlaw, My Gender Workbook and Hello Cruel World (101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks & Other Outlaws), Kate Bornstein occupies a place of honor as a beloved trans auntie to several generations of gender rebels (though her use of the word “tranny” is controversial to some).

In this nonlinear exploration, director Sam Feder offers an affectionate introduction to Bornstein’s life and thought, with scenes drawn from her daily life, interviews with friends, and appearances as a performer and teacher. When faced with a serious health crisis, Bornstein’s grace and grounded wisdom illuminate this encounter with mortality.

Watching this movie feels like sitting down for a cup of tea with this influential and immensely likable activist, who, unlike some queer elders, praises and blesses the young ones who follow along trails that she helped blaze.

-Stella Maris, QDoc