Filmmakers to meet at SF IndieShorts

Posted by sfindie August 27, 2019 1611 views

Come meet some filmmakers at SF IndieShorts

September 13-15, New People Cinema, 1746 Post St, Japantown, SF



Shorts 1: Infinite While it Lasts

A Million Times Before, She Who Hears, Bitten


Shorts 2: The Response Isn’t Always Reasonable

Bad People (traveling from the Republic of Georgia!), Prufrock, Rehearsal, Tough


Shorts 3: The Kids Are All Right?

Baxu and the Giants (traveling from Nambia!), Betta, The Mood Never Dies


Shorts 4: True Stories Part 1

Follow the Sun, Behind the Site, Mothership to Reno, Shadow Life


Shorts 5: What Do We Do Now?

Hook Up 2.0


Shorts 6: No Forks in the Road

Blue Noise, No Forks in the Road, The Turtle Light, All of This!!!


Shorts 7: For Art’s Sake

Better Than You Doin You, Komodo, Potion: Dark Matter, Take Your Time, TellTale, The Man With A Pillow For a Face, Pie, Into the Flame


Shorts 8: True Stories Part 2

The Video Shop, Heartbeat by Heartbeat, Still Plays With Trains, The Mozart of Fly Fishing, One Thousand Stories, The Last Harvest


Shorts 9: All In The Family

and you let her go, Every Grain of Sand, Evie, My Mother, Myself and I, Las Lobitos Los Angeles

Shorts 10: Global Affairs

On the Border


Shorts 11: Keep Coming Back

Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert


Shorts 12: Death with Benefits

A Little Death, Killer Date