The SF IndieFest Challenge!

Posted by sfindie January 7, 2020 1300 views

Are you a consumer or a participant?

At the multiplex, or when we turn on Netflix, we consume movies; we’re the end of the process. At a film festival, we participate in the process of a film. We interact with fellow film fans and the filmmaker, and we’re supporting a community of film appreciation. It flows through us and the people next to us and we share an enhanced film experience.

Two weeks of powerful, bizarre, true, false, scary, enlightening, thought-provoking, and conversation-starting cinema await your participation at this year’s SF IndieFest.

In addition to dozens of new independent films from around the world (and around the Bay), we are incredibly excited that Julien Temple, one of the most prolific and influential rock ‘n’ roll filmmakers in cinema history, is this year’s recipient of our Philo T. Farnsworth Award for Innovative Filmmaking. Our opening night films are Woman in Motion, a new documentary about the amazing Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame, and Come As You Are, a great new film by local filmmaker Richard Wong. We also have very strong foreign films as this year’s Centerpiece (Pariah) and Closing Night Films (Alice).

Our special events this year include a live on-stage shadow cast presentation of The Big Lebowski, a 20th anniversary tribute to American Psycho, the return of the Bad Art Gallery, a live screenplay reading, and our annual live comedy improv send up of the Super Bowl. This year IndieFest will also co-present the Roxie’s annual Up The Oscars! fundraiser show.

Prepare yourself for two full weeks of cinematic participation!